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Affordable Prices

We have some of the most affordable prices in the business, and we have a list of all of the carpet cleaning services that we offer here on our website. You can call us at 888-336-6488 if you want to find out what we can do for you of ir you want to find out the price of carpet cleaning services. We will dispatch a team right away, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you with your cleaning project.


Custom Solutions for Carpet Cleaning

After you have told us exactly what you need, you will be offered a custom package for your carpet cleaning, and we’ll make sure that you’re getting the best deal that we can offer you for the services that you want, and after we have been able to take a look at the areas that you want cleaned at your home or office, and determine how often you want cleaning done. Our team is efficient and passionate about clean carpets, so you can depend upon us for an excellent job that you’ll be happy with.


Fast Service

You need fast service? We’re your carpet cleaning team. Maybe you have guests coming soon and you need a specific room cleaned, or you just want to get you home done fast for some event that you are hosting. You can depend upon us to respond quickly and get your carpets spotless fast.

Just call us at 888-336-6488 and let us do all of the work. We won’t waste any time returning your call, and someone will be with you within 24 hours.

Why Choose Us?

We at Top Carpet Cleaning Pros want to make sure that you get the best possible service, for both residential and commercial, and we will work hard to make sure that we deserve your business. We’ll do our best to make sure that your satisfied with our service and that we have met your needs as much as possible, and we’ll make sure that you know everything up front before you ever have us begin cleaning.

Many Options to Choose From

You’ll not only get the best possible cleaning but you’ll also get to choose what sort of carpet clean that you want, and the type of shampooing that we’ll do for you. There are many different ways to clean carpet, and while we will always try to make the best recommendation for what you need based upon the types of carpet that you have in your home and other factors, the choice will be yours.

Free Consultation and Estimate

You will always get a free consultation from Top Carpet Cleaning Pros and be able to choose any plan that you want to go with, whether you set up regular cleaning for high-traffic areas or you have the entire home or business cleaned on a regular basis, and we’ll always provide you with an estimate based upon what you choose at no cost to you.

Your Complete Satisfaction

Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. We always treat you right, no matter if this is the first time that you are using us or if you are a regular customer, and we guarantee the best customer service in the business. Your first step is to call us at 888-336-6488 and then step back and watch how clean we can make your home or business.

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